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Key Words in SPM Additional Mathematics Paper

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Key Words in SPM Additional Mathematics Paper
You should highlight and understand the keywords given in the question because these keywords are the gist of the question. Some commonly found keywords are as follows

KEYWORD Calculate, Find, Determine
What is its implication?
The answer can be obtained after a few steps of determine calculation. Hence, the working must be shown clearly.

KEY WORD Write, state,
The answer can be worked out mentally. Hence, you can write down the answer without the working.

Usually you have to use the answer obtained form the previous section in your calculation.

KEY WORD: Sketch ,
Only a sketch of the graph is required. You can sketch the graph on a plain paper or a writing paper. Accurate plotting on the graph is not required.

KEY WORD : Prove,show,
The answer is usually given. You are required to show clearly the steps how you arrive at the answer. In this type of question, you must be familiar with the mathematical formulas, rules and laws.

KEY WORD : Express
No numerical answer is required. Answer are usually given in terms of variables.

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