Friday, May 13, 2011

Additional Mathematics Form 4 And Form 5 Module

Tips Skema Soalan UPSR / PMR /SPM

Assalamualaikum. Hello everyone!
Additional Mathematics Form 4 Module that I have prepared is based on my knowledge and reference books. Hopefully, it can help students to understand and be master in Additional Mathematics.
I found that this module is frequently downloaded by form 4 students I guess as additional mathematics is something new for them.
Unfortunately, there are some information missing in this module like shaded part and others, so the information missing have to be added manually.Those who would like to use this module for reference, they may download it.
Last but not least, I would like to thank my beloved and respected Additional Mathematics teacher , Sir Abdul Halim Bin Othman. He is the one who inspired me to come out with this module. Syukran jazilan ya ustaz habibi ! Thanks a zillion , sir !
Chapter 1- Functions
Chapter 2- Quadratic Equations
Chapter 3- Quadratic Functions
Chapter 4- Simultaneous Equations
Chapter 5- Indices and Logarithms
Chapter 6- Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 7- Statistics
Chapter 8- Circular Measure
Chapter 9- Differentiation
Chapter 10- Solution of Triangles
Chapter 11- Index Number  Answer Sheet : [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2]

Form 5 : Chapter 9 – Motion Along A Straight Line
Linear Laws
Permutation and combination
Probability Distribution
Trigonometric Function

Modul ini di ambil daripada blog oleh Saudara Raja Ahmad Kamil.
Terima kasih diucapkan atas usaha anda. Semoga Allah memberkati anda.


MIFRAN said...

Salam saudara Rahmat.

Ada module untuk tajuk-tajuk form 5 tak?

Link di atas tak sah lagi kebanyakannya.

Boleh contact saya di m.ifran"at"

Anonymous said...

ta boleh lah sume tuu!

A H Rahmat said...

Cuba lihat di ruangan tips skema SPM, insyaAllah di situ ada modul Add Math....

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